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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


The headlines on Monday read “U.S. threatens crushing offensive to calm Baghdad – Implementation ‘imminent’.

Oh yes, let's bomb the hell outta a city to "calm" them!

Yesterday, we sat in Armed Services Hearings listening to the Democrats ask questions of Gates as if the escalation in troops is a done deal.

Bush has asked for almost DOUBLE the obscene military budget as he asked for – and got – last year. And Gates calls reactions understandable ‘sticker shock’ – as if he’s talking about the high price of espresso’s.

I weep today. It is so clear that these men have no intention of ending this war – or any aggression in the name of U.S. opulence. One of our most reasonable, most eloquent Democrats & hopeful presidential candidate, Barack Obama, has the temerity to introduce a bill to bring our troops home in over a YEAR from now – how many deaths Obama, how many deaths????

I had a dream last night I read a headline that confirmed without a doubt that we were about to bomb Iran. I woke up this morning to see the world around blanketed by a thick, soft layer of white. It doesn’t even feel so bitter cold this morning – it does feel bitter.

I feel most bitter that the people of this country are content to allow these mostly old, white men to continue killing, hurting, torturing the people of Iraq - as long as we can have our jobs, our homes, our schools, our wonderful comfortable lifestyles.

Our fellow Americans remind me of the story when someone was taken up on a hill, shown the city below and with a sweep of the arm was offered all the riches the city had to offer. The only cost was his soul.

I feel we are being offer our lifestyle, if only we allow those men in power to war all over our world.