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Friday, February 16, 2007

Resolution to protest troop escalation PASSED 246 to 182

For the roll call votes, go to:,,-6420893,00.html

We sat in the gallery today of the House of Representatives, listened to the last hour of ‘debate’ on the non-binding resolution to oppose the troop escalation in Iraq.

It felt like a historic moment – not because our wimpy Democrats were debating a non-binding resolution – but because we heard two Representatives, both Republicans, speak of the anti-war movement!

And because Republicans were pulling out all the stops to try to defeat this measure they themselves deemed useless – but their loud, vocal, threatening opposition said otherwise.

Maybe this is a step, a fragile baby step – but maybe this will give the Democrats the courage they need to really stand up against Bush and the wealthy men that want to continue making so much money off this war & occupation.

I’m pleased to report that 17 Republicans voted with the Democrats; and 2 Democrats jumped aisles and voted with the Republicans.

The two Democrats, Gene Taylor from Mississippi and Jim Marshall from Georgia need pink slips from us – and especially from their constituents. If you have family, friends, acquaintances – any connection in their districts, get them to visit their offices, email and call.

Taylor’s details are at (ex-military - it would be great to get vets & active duty military to contact him!) and Marshall is at

And time to send 17 Republicans big hot pink badges of courage: Castle from Delaware; Keller from Florida; Johnson and Kirk from Illinois (Hastert didn’t vote!); Gilchrest from Maryland; Upton from Michigan; Ramstad from Minnesota; Walsh from New York; Coble and Jones from North Carolina; LaTourette from Ohio; English from Pennsylvania; Inglis from South Carolina; Duncan from Tennessee; Paul from Texas; Tom Davis from Virginia; and Petri from Wisconsin!