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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mother's Day Call

Can you guess how Mother’s Day came about? If you’ve guessed “it was Hallmark holiday” or “some son wanted to honor his mother” or “the church promoted it” or “it’s a royal family holiday” – you are way wrong!

Mothers Day was a call summoning women to turn our backs on home – as men often do at the summons of war – to gather together as women & to seek our counsel to determine how we are going to have peace in our nation and our world.

Julia Ward Howe, in 1870, wrote the most beautiful and inspiring Proclamation* (see below) calling for us to “Arise then women, Arise”, to leave home, gather together: first to bewail the dead; & then decide how we will have peace in our world.

Can you imagine what kind of a nation we would be living in today if women, mothers, had been gathering annually for the past 137 years to determine how we will have a peaceful nation?

It’s not too late! Every year, for the past 4 years, CodePINK: Women for Peace has been reclaiming the origins and purpose of Mother’s Day – as a time to leave home, gather together and work for peace in our nation and world.

This year, Code PINK is once again putting out the call for women who are willing & able to put their “normal, every-day” life-styles on hold this month, to come to D.C., to stay for as long as possible, and to work our hardest to not let Congress rest until they vote NO MORE WAR!

This year, we are joining Cindy Sheehan’s call to embrace the intent of Mother’s Day by calling for 10,000 women to surround Congress on Monday, May 14th, and to stay there until Congress votes NO MORE WAR!

Before you decide whether you will answer this call or not, we want women to ask ourselves are we women of 2007 willing to heed Julia Ward Howe's edict, be the force of democracy in action, & help lead our government, our nation, ourselves into peace?

Before you decide, we want you to think about separating our daily “life-styles” from our daily lives – and putting our significant energy & spirit into maintaining and protecting our lives, rather than our life-styles.

Before you decide, we also want us to think about our government's blatant intent to go to war against Iran. Not one of us will be shocked when we begin bombing Iran. But we will all be in anguish if we allow this to happen without doing something huge & now to stop it.

And one more thing to think about – this is not pleasant or fun or nice for any of us (least of all for Iraqi’s), but is it not the time we put aside our ‘normal’ daily lives, our ‘life as usual’, in a much bigger way in order to work to end war this year? Paraphrasing Alice Paul, one of our great suffragist foremothers, she said: “stay home next year – this year, work to end war”.

At the very least, organize and participate in a Sistah Solidarity Action in your home town on Monday, May 14th. Go to to sign up, for more info, and to become an activist with CodePINK. Or call 510-524-2776.

perata is trying to busheet: i.e. double speak

perata is attempting to put a resolution on the california ballot for the presidential primaries in over a year from now that will vote to end the occupation of iraq - the bill looks FANTASTIC except it is busheet - perata is appearing to be anti-war when he is really doing it way too late - and not where he really has power, which is in the state senate - if he presented this as a bill for the senate to pass, then he would be another one of our greatest heroes!

this is my response to him:

senator perata - this is a weak, bunk attempt at pretending you are against the war - this is one of those many political instances when you 'appear' to be anti-war while you are NOT.

is this really the very best you can do? if it is, we will work to make sure you are defeated in your next election attempt or at the very least recalled.

do you really think putting a resolution on the ballot that will not begin to go into effect almost TWO years from now has any genuine impact on ending war NOW?

why don't you really stand up, pretend that the u.s. soldiers and the iraq people who are being killed TODAY are your family members, or even you yourself! then act accordingly.

why are you willng to allow the deaths of at least hundreds of u.s. soldiers and hundreds of thousands if not more iraqis to be on your hands?

if you really think a resolution is the way to go, why don't you call for a special california election NOW! we certainly were able to pull that off immediately when arnie pulled his coup!

PLEASE, senator perata - if you have ANY consciousness at all, PLEASE do this IMMEDIATELY!

Peace, Zanne Sam Joi - one of your constituents - who speaks for several thousand of your constituents!