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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Soap Box Report Back

The first Soap Box went GREAT! Too great really, because there was no real detractors! But it is also why we had the first one is such a supportive environment! About 30-40 people came, mostly CodePINKers and BFUU folks, but also several from the community at large.
This is the format:
1) Introductions – everyone in the room introduced themselves by taking one minute saying one positive and one critical thing about the actions taken around recruiting, Marines, and Berkeley . This can be something they’ve felt or heard from media, friend, etc.
2) Brainstorming – because there were few critical items, we brainstormed, making sure several issues were listed, including “freedom of speech”, “marines right to be here”, “volunteer military”, “protesting the government instead”, etc.
3) Discussion – we discussed each ‘issue’, (were ready to role play a couple but time ran out) making sure a wide perspective was represented (from CodePINK, military families, mothers, activists w/GI’s, and would have included the city’s perspectives but no officials were there – tried our best!)
4) Actions coming up – we talked briefly about further actions coming up
5) Commitments to act – we went around the group and each person committed to doing something she/he hadn’t already been committed to doing prior to the Soap Box
It is a great format – for the future, we might break into small groups for the discussion part if time permits to allow for more discussion – they we would come back into the larger group to summarize.
I’m attaching the Fact Sheet (talking points) and the (color-coded) quarter page info sheets – we intend to keep making these for all the ‘issues’.
We have several goals, the two major goals are 1) reshaping the messaging of these ‘issues’ for the major media; and 2) giving everyone the talking points to address the pro-war propaganda that permeates everything, including ‘liberals’.

BE PART of this exciting Soap Box Team - call 510-524-2776 or email TODAY!

Our next Soap Box might be Monday, March 31st for the business community!

Contact your school, your neighborhood organizations, religious institutions, whatever and schedule a Soap Box