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Friday, April 17, 2009

To sign or not to sign

Credo has an on-line petition to request our soldiers go into Afghanistan ONLY if they were going to "help" Afghan women.

I struggled with whether to sign or not - would it be miraculous if our soldiers were there to 'help'!

If our soldiers were ANYWHERE "HELPING" people, we ALL would support that - but our soldiers are EVERYWHERE HELPING our CORPORATIONS exploit the people.

Furthermore, our (male) soldiers are raping (and probably murdering)women soldiers who are supposedly their comrades, their buddies, their allies at least TWICE as often as their peers who are not soldiers. and that's rape that's being reported.

It doesn't take much to know how they treat women they are being taught are the "enemy", "terrorists", who are brown, not christian, and everything else we are all taught about afghan women.

SonalI Kolhatkar, an Afghan American woman, quoted an article in the Washington Post that documented the intense tragedy of our soldiers: in 2008, U.S. soldiers were responsible for as many deaths of civilians as the taliban and the northern alliance.

(Of course, as we first funded and armed the taliban, and then later funded and armed the northern alliance to this day, we are at the very least indirectly responsible for almost every death in Afghanistan).

Once again, our soldiers (as much as they want deeply to convince themselves otherwise) are NOT going into Afghanistan to help the people - ESPECIALLY the women - we are going there to attempt to bring that country to it's knees, as we are doing in iraq, as we have done more or less around the whole world.

And lastly, the women of Afghanistan have asked our soldiers - and everyone else's - to leave, to DISARM everyone, to hold crime tribunals. Let us listen to those brave heroic women.