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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Plans for tomorrow:

I hope I can get my bike out tomorrow, pump up the tires, and take off. I want to see the Poblado Ceuta – where most the people of this beach community live. I don’t know if it’s just residential or if there are businesses there – or the internet!

I also want to go to La Cruz and explore. I’m not sure if I will do both in one day. I guess if Ceuta has internet, I’ll wait and go to La Cruz Friday.

Mz. Alma is coming in exactly one week from today! Yeah!!!! I’m looking forward to her visit and hanging out in Mexico with her!

Door open, door closed

The sunset has finally ended and the moon has sharpened in the sky. Several stars are out and visible even tho there are street lights blocking out most of the stars.

It is so pleasant with the door open, I really wish I was brave enough to sleep with it open. There isn’t a way to lock the screen door, although I can bunchy cord it to something which would at least warn me if someone was coming in!

There seems to be very few folks around in the evenings, and when I get up in the wee hours of the morning, mine is the only vehicle on the street. There are more fishing boats in the ocean that cars here.

But I’m still nervous about leaving the door open. I’m so sure no one would harass me but why tempt anyone?

Now I can see there is one red pickup truck parked a few car lengths down from me. I don’t see the owner anywhere around, although there have been several people on the beach today and most likely at the restaurants.

Hanging in Ceuta

Today I spend the whole day on the beach or in front of my truck or in my truck. I decide to hang out and do nothing.

But of course I end up first bathing my body and washing my hair FINALLY! And then using that water to wash the floor, which is now sparkling shiney clean like me and my hair.

I also study almost the whole day. I go thru my flash cards and separate out the verbs from the nouns and adverbs. I am on lesson 64 in my Spanish book.

I also take out some black beans to soak for tomorrow’s meal. And I spend about an hour walking back and forth across the beach picking up broken glass, beer bottle caps, cigarette butts, and plastic.

I am really building up my muscles and practicing squatting, which is how I pee and poop now in the country. I dig a hole 8-9” deep for poop only and squat over it. Now I know why women where so much blousy clothes here – for a little privacy when squatting.

Now I am watching the sun set, as usual. It is in the brilliant red stage and spread out across the entire horizon. The new moon is a tiny crescent just visible at the top of my screen door.

I have to watch now from inside as mosquitoes have chosen this time of day to appear.

I have run out of water too but I did notice the first restaurant closest to me down the road has what looks like rv parking spaces on the other side of it – and they all appear to have hoses. So tomorrow I will ask if I they have drinking water in those hoses and if so, if I can purchase some.

I don’t know how much water costs here as I’ve been able to get it for free up until now. I forget exactly how much my tanks hold – I think 35 gallons which is about 150 liters.

I am very concerned about water here because of the mega farms. I thought poor Las Glorias and their river were in danger. Here it feels even worse.

Of course, I do have a water filter but I do not know if it filters out pesticides and fertilizers. I am 1000% sure their water is contaminated. Maybe I better look to buy water. Geez.