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Monday, February 27, 2012

Israel vs U.S. vs Iran

THANK YOU for all your feedback focusing on including Israel and AIPAC in the proposal.

I want to acknowledge and respect the fact that among us are many various opinions and views - and different if not opposing analyses - about Israel and Iran. 

But the one thing that unites all of us, is that we are anti-war, pro-peace. It is my deepest hope we can focus on this fierce, binding commonality.

I also want to acknowledge that is so very easy and way to common for U.S. americans to focus our energy condemning what others are doing as a way to avoid putting that energy into holding ourselves and/our our own government accountable.

For one little example, we can readily protest Madonna, etc., performing in Israel, but who is putting energy into protesting Madonna, etc., performing here, our country, the biggest war mongers in the entire world?

I want to remind us of what I thought is the purpose of this particular Action Assembly. We are attempting to make the connections between U.S. wars and Occupy - a connection that is not only blatantly missing but a connection that many of us have had huge negative experiences, censorship, and other adverse reactions directed at us for even bringing up the possibility that U.S. wars might be connected with Occupy.

And we want to form actions that resoundingly say NO to our media's propaganda, our government's threats, our corporations greedy war mongering for yet another invasion of yet another country while insisting we end all wars.

As Janet has pointed out, we only have 3 hours for this Action Assembly. Again, it is my understanding that our goals and purpose for this Action Assembly is to invite Occupy so together we can untangle, highlight, focus on how wars have always and continue to form our economy, our government, our ability to be such a wealthy country in the world and to clarify the connections with Occupy - and to take action with Occupy against all wars we are presently engaged in and especially preventing this impending threat of war against Iran.

I suggest given the immensity, complexity, and sometimes huge political differences and viewpoints concerning Israeli and Iranian culpability, etc., not just among the active Occupy communities, but also the anti-war communities, perhaps we should hold another separate forum put on by and for those of us who feel so strongly that this should be a focus - where we can do justice to the topic.

Especially if our ultimate goal is growing a diverse coalition of anti-war forces working together.

As always, my 2 cntz! xxoo xan