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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our U.S. of A legacy - to be continued

Face the truth: our legacy: on our shoulders

What makes it so hard – besides the desire for us to believe we are truly a good people, a good nation, a good society – are the, what shall I call them? The lies, the thick, malevolent cover, the pervasive propaganda – all of that and then some that twists and tricks us into deeply believing such prevarications from "the first Europeans came here seeking freedom" to the desire to pursue the “American Dream”.

Until we look at the truths of our nation, we will not be able to change, but we will just be attempting to hold onto and (re)claim those prevarications for ourselves.

Most people today realize we stole this land, securing it for white folks, by committing genocide against the First People here, going to war against Mexico, enslaving Africans.

Most people in this country do not acknowledge that we have used our military might to kill people, grab their resources, and subjugate especially people of color while creating and maintaining a country benefiting white society.

To list the number of countries we have invaded and occupied – not counting this one – since 1801, would take a zillion pages.

We sent the marines to Tripoli in 1801-1805 to “protect American business interests” and have been invading & occupying countries outside this land every since then.

To mention a few: 1815 Algiers; 1822, 23, 24 Cuba; 1824 Puerto Rico; 1825 Cuba; 1831 Falkland Islands; 1832 Sumatra, Indonesia; 1833 Argentina; 1835-36 Peru; 1838-39 Sumatra again; 1840 Fiji Islands; 1841 Somoa; 1841 Gilbert Islands; 1843 China; 1843 Africa; 1846 Mexico – and that’s just some of the first half of the 19th century.

So this means for us that everything we have here in the country – and look around, the houses, the land you are standing on, the clothes, the access to resources, schools, hospitals, food, water – every fucking thing we got through the destruction and devastation of people of color, stealing their land, their lives, and their resources.

This is what the “American Dream” is built on. We must immediately cease in pursuing this nitemare.


We are brought up to believe not only is it totally right to have more then other people, but to believe that we deserve to have more and that we’ve earned what we have.

Another lie. Another done deal. Rarely do we think about, let alone teach our children, whether we SHOULD pursue this life style: a home(s), car(s), education, career, etc.etc.etc. but rather we put all our energy into figuring out HOW we are going to pursue this life style.

We have not earned anything in this country, nor is our life any more precious then anyone else’s life on this planet. We have oppressed, stolen, raped, committed genocide to have more then almost every other country in the world.

We HAVE to have two paradigm changes: 1) We will not bring, inflict, perpetuate physical harm to any other human being NO MATTER WHAT! And 2) We will not allow anyone to have less then what we have.


So we HAVE to disarm, period.

In ancient Jewish life, if someone stole something from you, YOU were the one who was punished. You were not supposed to hoard things, you were supposed to take care of everyone, share, not have more then anyone else.

So very simple.

We can do it!