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Thursday, April 19, 2012

MRS: 2 Berkeley High Students; 3 College Students

Our weekly Counter-Recruitment protest today is both joyful and challenging: joyful as almost a dozen activists have come out today!

Challenging because several young and highly uninformed boys are at high risk of being recruited.

I spoke with 2 Berkeley High School students who were so pathetically naive they actually thought I was pulling one over on them when I insisted they were going to be trained to kill. They actually have convinced themselves they are going into the military to help people, not to learn to kill anyone.

The college students were worse in their naivety. When I kept throwing the statistics at them about how more likely they will be to commit suicide, murder their wives or girlfriends, end up homeless then their peers who are NOT joining the military, they actually wanted me to narrow those stats down to college-educated verses non-college educated.

I told them most college educated people do NOT join the military and asked them if they thought an education would protect them from the horrors and damages of committing murder, should they decided to become soldiers.

None of these young men thought that it was unconscionable that the U.S. has attacked over 115 countries in our world. They believe is U.S. military domination as an unalienable right and say such ignorant things as if we didn't drop the atomic bomb Japan, they would have never given up; that we had to use the atomic bomb to prevent North Korea from using it on us; that the marines go around the world rescuing people from natural disasters; and of course that everyone who is a mere citizen - especially me - has no idea what the mighty military leaders really know.

We should blindly trust these old white men, because these young boys do!