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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Filthiest Oil

I am reeling from filthy oil. I cannot clean it, it appears to have lots of water in it, I'm stuck. I cannot find anyone selling veggie oil here in Texas. I write a letter to the biodiesel place that swore to me their oil was dewatered and clean.
Here is my letter:
It is really hard to trust that you did not sell me grungy veggie oil on purpose. I want to believe you unconsciously or ignorantly called your veggie oil "clean" when it is really quite filthy.

It was the fact that you charge $3.00 a gallon that absolutely threw me. I travel ALL over the country and NO ONE charges that much for filtered, de-watered oil. Most people charge $2.00 a gallon, some as high as $2.50 - but this is for CLEAN oil that is filtered to 5 microns or less and dewatered.

So it NEVER occurred to me to ask exactly what you could possibly mean by "clean oil".

I am attaching pictures of the two 4.5 gallon totes I also bought from you Thursday. Within one day of just sitting on the back of my MOVING truck, you can see how much the filth has settled to the bottom of the tote: one tote is about 3" of filth; the other almost 1/3 of the tote is now grunge.

So even if this oil had sat in your containers for merely one day, most of the grunge would have been at the bottom, not mixed in - and pumped into my tanks.

I am also attaching pics of the 5 filters I went through - AFTER I pumped out all of your oil and then put my really clean oil into my tank, I still couldn't go 1 mile without the oil pressure dropping to 5, and 15 miles without it dropping to 0, and then forced to change my filters.

Usually I drive at least 1000 miles on a small filter, most of the time more even.

Running on my clean oil in the tank your oil contaminated, I was forced to change the little filters every 10-15 miles and the big filters i tried changing twice, before giving up. And there's STILL gunk making it impossible for me to run veggie oil and forcing me to buy diesel.

Unfortunately, I gave you ALL my money to buy the 100 gallons of veggie oil that I believed would get me across the country to Atlanta, where I have work. So now I'm stuck in Texas, unable to work cause I can't put fuel in my tank, waiting on friends to rescue me.

I REALLY hope you made an honest mistake. I understand you are biodiesel experts and not veggie oil but I would think you would know that not engine the most primitive engine could run on that grunge you sold me.

At least you will not make this mistake again, nor will I: you are now well aware that NO ENGINE can run on oil that has been allegedly "filtered" to 50 microns. It is impossible.

I wonder if you pay your suppliers $3 a gallon for yucky veggie oil? Is that why you thought I would buy your dirty veggie oil for that much?

It is so hard to figure out - although they said they'd been working for 6 years in the business, the guys who helped me seemed quite genuine and helpful, as they willingly dumped grunge into my tank. 

I don't want to think badly of you, especially as you willingly reduced the price of the oil for me, which was such a supportive and solidarity thing to do, if the oil had been clean. Because it was so dirty, it is hard for me to tell.