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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Asking the Right Questions or Spiritual Healing

My child informs me that Dia & his followers have done a second spiritual reading on Jasi, and now he realizes Jasi is a lot sicker than what he first thought.

She must see the disbelief flitter across my face because she reassures me several times, Jasi is not sick enough to give up - or so Dia says.

When I don't respond, she begins to explain the special relationship Dia's people have with the spirits - apparently these spirits can heal Jasi.

I try to rack my brain to figure out the right questions to ask my daughter.

Questions that will make her think, that will enable her to question, that will solidify this ground under her that I experience as mighty quicksand.

I decide to ask how he does this diagnosis and treatment of Jasi without his body being there, without his own examination of Jasi. Does he rely on the western diagnosis and then decide his own treatment?

She begins to tell me about the special relationship Dia has with the spirits. Her eyes glisten, if you can call eyes maddened with unquestioned hope 'glistening'.

I am thrown back to the daze when my young 18 year old child went off to college, turned 19, and came back spouting the most incomprehensible, far out of my realm dogma of what she claimed to be her new Black Muslim beliefs.

Such things as the anti-christ is here now, slaughtering goats and spirits and such, and she was on her way to Morocco to have 7 children, the seven that must grow up to fight the anti-christ, with her boyfriend (who gave me his permission to be a lesbian because he loved Tess).

As we sat around our round oak table in our kitchen discussing her new "enlightenment", my lover at the time stood up behind her making "she's crazy" hand motions, rolling her eyes and miming something like hitting her over the head and dragging her off to be deprogrammed.

Maybe I should have listened to her instead of insisting my daughter was on her path to herself. Maybe I should have had her hauled off instead of putting out the call to all my chosen family & friends, alerting them to the danger Tess was in, and requesting them to put their energies into making sure she did not stray too far from her path, helping clear her path.

Maybe her path is to seek this path of so-called "spirituality" that I cannot blindly follow.

I want to ask does no one in his village die then, except of old age? If these spirits are so strong and capable as to cure my grandson of LCH, how come so many are sick, so many broken, so many desperate here?

Instead, I ask about the herbalist that she is supposed to be connecting with here at this little piece of u.s.a. in Senegal, her friends' bed & breakfast. She tells me she's decided on the spiritual path for now and I cannot control the visions of spiritual healings that fly thru the movie screen of my mind.