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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Slow dance

Tessie and I rush out to take Jasi to school. She has him up at 6:30am, even though he got to bed and sleep close to 10pm last nite. She does not want him to stay home with me, even though we both have begged her.

Jasi says this school is full of mean kids; and his teacher is mean.

Tess tells me about his diet. She has found someone who is teaching her about the "energy" of foods - the "original energy" that is.

I don't understand but as she lists the foods he is eating, I try to remain open. I am deeply grateful he is not on a carrot juice fast - how our expectations change.

It appears he can eat any greens, onions but not garlic, zucchini and butternut squash, but not any other of the squashes including my favorite kabocha pumpkin. Broccoli, cabbage, seaweed, mushrooms, and kelp noodles are his staples.

No grains, except quinoa, no rice, oatmeal, corn; no beans or legumes. Avocado and herbs as sage, dill, cilantro, garlic chives, dates make yummy sauces.

I am amazed she has been able to do such a good job changing his diet. He has gone from a kid who loved to eat out, to a kid who is eating his mom's yummy cooking 100% of the time.

No eggs, few almonds, and lots of cactus pear juice, although it is not his favorite, his mom wants him to drink more.

And water.

I am grateful he is eating so healthy and I can only deeply hope that it is more then just a diet for a healthy child, but a diet that can bring health to a child suffering from an autoimmune disease.

I do not mention it to Tess, as my visit is very tenuous here, but I wish she was choosing food according to nutritional value and healing properties, and not according to "original energy".

But I really don't understand "original energy" concept - maybe it does consider all the many things a growing body needs, as well as a body fighting to heal.