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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Don't be fooled (or co-opted)

Recently, several states, cities, counties are considering making laws governing the use of drones - most laws concerning privacy issues, not the issue of the morality of using drones to hurt/hunt people.

Let's not be fooled - or co-opted. We know that this is an attempt to dilute rising public anti-drone pressure: notice that the use of drones is a given; controlling, setting parameters for that use to a certain extent is the focus of the legislation.

I think we need to fight harder to totally get rid of drones at the hands of both 'law enforcement' and military. For search and rescue, no problem. But to use against people, given the current (and all the past) history of our country, a resounding NO, NEVER.

So even if we are somewhat heartened by this at least acknowledgement (and beginning sprouts of our years of hard work) that people are standing against drones, please keep pushing for the ideal.

I am reminded yet again of Fanny Lou Hamer, who more then courageously fought all the way from Mississippi to Atlantic City to demand the seating of 68 delegates that had been elected by over 80,000 Mississippi votes to the Democratic National Convention in 1964, where Blacks not allowed.

After much fighting, the delegation was offered 2 seats but told they could not vote.

She walked out, refusing to take the crumbs, refusing for her fight to be diluted.

She faced brutal rapes and beatings, horrific torture, jail time, death threats - things we do not have to face at this point - but she stood firm.

Let's stand with Fanny Lou Hamer and not accept the unacceptable!