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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Justice for a white womon married to a black man?

I had to leave the Lynne Stewart protest today.

An older white male was speaking –endlessly – of her trial and incarceration. Jasi found a place in the sand to play. I was half listening as I greeted activists I haven’t seen in awhile.

Then I hear him talk about the cruel and mean African-American guard that is assigned to Lynne.

My stomach turns. He doesn’t identify any of the white men that are involved in her imprisonment – or white womyn for that matter.

Like the race of the prison guard is somehow relevant here?

What is more relevant is the fact that this white womon not only married an African-American man, but had several children with him, and an over 50 year loving, romantic, strong relationship – which is more then most same-race couples can claim.

But she dared, as a white womon, to cross race lines over 50 years ago. No one speaks of this, but everyone, including the white justice system, knows this.