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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lies, Hypocrisy, Rhetoric of the Warmongers

Lies, Hypocrisy, Rhetoric of the Warmongers
or the simple truths 

"Obama's Speech" the simple truths

“Chemical weapons kill on mass scale, not distinguishing soldier from infant”
Bomb, drones, DU kill on mass scale, not distinguishing soldier from infant

“Syria is a danger to our national security .... Assad doesn’t have the ability to threaten us" [who does?]  One statement contradicts and erases the other

“If we don’t bomb Syria, Iran will go ahead with its nuclear weapons program” If we do bomb Syria, Iran will have more reason than ever to defend herself

“I have spent 4½ years working to end wars” How? Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan?
He’s “working” by engaging in most drone/military strikes, most foot soldiers in conflict, a bigger military budget than ever, resulting in more wars against 5 more countries: which just goes to show war begets war

“Targeted strikes..but not to take out Assad”
Who or what does Obama want to take out with his bombing then?

“We must reject the forces of tyranny and extremism”
How much more tyrannical and extremist can a nation get attacking another nation that has not attacked it?

“Al qaeda will draw strength from chaos in Syria”
Can’t get much more chaotic then mighty U.S. bombs and drone attacks

“We can’t leave this to other countries…”
Other countries have refused to break international law and join us

Burdens of leadership are heavy…” as are the riches resulting from military ‘leadership’ “We’ve made the world a better place” Better for our corporations to exploit a devastated peoples and a destroyed country

“Reconcile … freedom and dignity with pictures of children wreathing in pain” Pain from US bombs, drone attacks? Starvation, violence, mothers raped, brothers tortured? Deformities from DU, cluster bombs, land mines?

“If the people of Syria see the world doing nothing to prevent the death of civilians…” As in when the U.S. bombs, killing more civilians at once than anyone else is capable of – or at least willing to use the weapons we use?

“I asked Congress to postpone the vote…” HA! He knew he didn’t have the votes in Congress to approve yet another military aggression THANK YOU anti-war movement and those representatives acting for the people!

“Assad must give up his chemical weapons…and destroy them” Hey, great idea – let’s show him how that’s done! U.S.A. number one biggest weapons arsenal in the world!

“Give UN inspectors time to do their job” What job when he states unequivocally exactly what they will find & exactly who is at fault?

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