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Friday, September 13, 2013

Back to transdomineering... to be continued

It is not so very difficult to understand why trans people and their supporters are so unable to have open, intelligent, caring conversations with radical lesbian feminists/womonists or anyone who might bring a question to any part of the current popular transgender rhetoric.

It is their swift escalation to rancorous, vitriolic attack on anyone who might differ or challenge that rhetoric that is shocking, as they immediately launch screams of "transphobic" in their attempts to silence thoughtful discourse and critical thinking.

Their degree of their failure to converse as human beings is only as equivalent to the degree of their internalized misogyny. The depth of their vicious responses and inability or unwillingness to face questions and challenges of opposing thought & positions, reveals the depth of their insecurities about their decisions and choices.

I am deeply saddened by our inability and huge failures to bridge this chasm that allows young trans people and their supporters to go on the offense to attack, malign, negate the very group of people who should be their sheras, their mentors, their honored and respected elders. In fact, the very group of people who fought hard and sacrificed so much for their rights to self-determine, to be free from the bounds of society.

And I am even more deeply hurt that young womyn hate their bodies so much they're willingly mutilating and choosing to live with scars rather then cherish and protect their bodies. I am deeply concerned that young womyn are willing to imbibe poisonous chemicals - synthetic testosterone - to further hurt their bodies.

And I am deeply hurt that young womyn believe it is more desirable to travel through our world as a man thus defined by society's gender box, than as a womon, defined by herself.

And most of all, because young womyn would rather be a man in the world loving a woman, than a womon in the world loving a womon.