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Sunday, July 15, 2018

The liberal trans disconnect: or rejecting the evidence of your eyes and ears...

Don't you think there's some huge disconnect (in addition to all the ways in which our society severs connections with/between each other, Mother Earth, people we're bombing, our values vs our lifestyles, etc.etc.etc.) between those parents raising their girls to be free from gender stereotypes and then labeling a child 'trans' when the child frees her/himself from those gender stereotypes assigned to her or his sex in order to embrace those gender stereotypes not assigned to her/his sex?

I mean how can you recognize that you don't have to dress your girl child in pink and sparkles, restrict her movement in skirts and heels, usher her into appropriate playground behavior, career and work in order to make her a girl, but when a boy child wants to dress in pink and sparkles, etc.etc.etc. that makes him a girl?

I feel like Orwell's 1984 where the essential command is to reject evidence of your eyes and ears.