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Thursday, July 19, 2018

"Inclusivity": then and now to be continued...

Womyn have ALWAYS been pressured to be "inclusive" and because as females we are kind and loving, we tend to strive to be "inclusive", as making sure no one feels left out, or no one's feelings are hurt, etc.etc.etc.

"Inclusive" has also become a 'pass' for white people, a softening of "anti-racism" or "white awareness to racism". "Inclusivity" and/or "valuing diversity" have failed miserably because it is not the treasuring of 'others' that is the problem, or even the goal but the identifying HOW whites or males are carefully taught to discriminate, identifying the ways in which we have taken in stereotypes and fears, figuring out the structures that are ensuring racism and misogyny thrive - these are 

I think we need to examine the term "inclusivity" and why it has so much power that it dominates 'liberal' thinking.
We don't have to be fuckin 'inclusive' - the reason 'inclusive' ever became a 'liberal' bent was because white male dominated institutions, etc., excluded womyn from participation as well as men of color.
In real racist & misogynist life, it is usually ONLY people who are in the discriminated-against class that are pressured to be fuckin 'inclusive'.
Men have ALWAYS had 'issues' with womyn spaces that excluded them - not that they have to be 'excluded' directly but just to say 'womyn's space' makes them feel excluded. Same with Black space or Native space, etc.
Fuck 'inclusive' as a force to dominate our spaces.. It is not our issue - we must maintain the right as an oppressed class of people to gather with our own.
Once we are no longer oppressed as lesbians and womyn, then we can worry about being 'inclusive' but until then, we can not allow liberal pressure to dominate us or our spaces.
My 2 cents. Sorry I'm so sporadically involved - as I'm traveling I don't have consistent internet access or even cell phone access.