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Work 4 Peace,Hold All Life Sacred,Eliminate Violence! I am on my mobile version of the door-to-door, going town-to-town holding readings/gatherings/discussions of my book "But What Can I Do?" This is my often neglected blog mostly about my travels since 9/11 as I engage in dialogue and actions. It is steaming with my opinions, insights, analyses toward that end of holding all life sacred, dismantling the empire and eliminating violence while creating the society we want ALL to thrive in

Sunday, January 28, 2007

What can we do???

Actions brainstormed for the next 3 weeks:

1. Lay down in front of transport vehicles
2. Quit job, drop out: be active every day
a. Stop paying taxes
b. Peace fund for taxes
3. Coordinated national die-ins
a. 665,000 dying in streets
b. 3074 dying in streets
4. Occupy media stations
5. Slow down – traffic – city streets, freeways
a. three pink cars abreast driving slowly
b. pink-up cars, guerrilla slow downs all over town
c. paint giant pink peace symbol on roof of car for tv cameras
d. break-down &/or abandon car
e. stall – restart just before police get there
f. block traffic on bridges, major arteries into cities
g. use wheel chairs, walkers, canes to block traffic
6. Chain/handcuff oneself to cars
a. of senators & congresspeople
b. hummers/suvs
7. Humanize the Iranian community for the general public
a. spread stories of individuals, statistics re:country, people, life in Iran
b. live video conferences, public radio/tv shows with Iranians, letters to editor, etc.
c. “meet our Iranian neighbors” – human interest story re:folks in town w/roots in Iran – talk about their relatives whose life would be in danger should we attack
8. Network with Iranian Community
a. Vigil at embassies, mosques
9. Mothers/women go to Iran, become human shields
10. Dawn action at pentagon
11. Church actions
a. surround church, fall on knees begging forgiveness
b. block church doors
c. penance
12. Media watch on Iran
13. Art-in,dance-in
a. chant poetry in Farsi
b. Congo line across the country
c. Wear enlarged photos of dead soldiers, dead Iraqis
d. Street theater, performance groups
e. Contrast pictures of healthy, happy Iraq children w/dead ones
f. Tie pictures of dead together, surround buildings
14. Pink-up town w/pink toilet paper
a. Dress monuments and statues in pink boas, pink bras
15. Broaden movement: involve youth, union, immigrants, spiritual communities, etc.
16. Congress:
a. Demand binding resolutions
b. “Peace-Ins” in offices/ occupy offices
c. Hall/wall of SHAME
i. Wear pics of those representatives that are supporting war
ii. Make a wall w/their names
d. Document who is voting on what, confront them in public
e. Give them pink ovaries/balls of courage
17. Actions at gas stations
a. Ride bikes around station, blocking entrances, directing people away: “this station is closed!”
18. “Flesh In” – go naked
19. Coordinated noise: wake up America, Congress! Alarm clocks
a. Rumor: noon, feb 15th set off alarms – spread the alarm: bush is attacking
20. Pink actions at port cities to block transport vehicles: pink slip ships, planes transporting war
21. WITS & Real Face of War actions along highways
22. Feb 6th: military tech show at Rayburn???
23. Target military:
a. Shut down recruiting stations
b. Action at bases
c. Petition to redress from active military
d. Recruit support against invasion of Iran
24. Lipstick action
a. Gather used tubes of lipstick, graffiti all glass, mirror surfaces w/anti-war messages
b. In women’s bathrooms – asking women to help spread the word!
25. Ads
a. Newspaper ads in all small town papers, plus New York Times, etc.
b. Billboard ads
c. Use existing billboards, alter message
26. Build on 500,000 folks who came to march/rally
27. Use avery stickers w/anti-war message, stick all over town
28. General strike

Lobbying Tips - beginning

Lobbying Tips

Close to 1000 people filled the halls of this huge high school in Bethesda, Maryland in preparation for lobbying to end war NOW.

Mandate for Peace – the people have spoken loudly & clearly – despite machine fraud, voter disenfranchisement, despite all the months and years of desperation and disempowerment. We want war OVER and we are counting on you to make it happen.

Sign on to HR508 – all troops, safely & orderly, home by 6 months; revoke the blanket permission congress gave bush to go to war; reparations for Iraq; quality care to adequately meet returning veterans needs.

Democrats who fall under the Republican spell that says if you don’t vote for money for war you are against the troops: FALSE

You are voting for only one of 2 choices: either you vote give money to continue war; or you vote to spend money to bring home the troops NOW.

Plus, ask if s/he knows the break-down of the military funding??? Less than 10% or something like that actually goes to soldiers themselves – most of it goes to the military industrial complex to fund Halliburton, Bechtel, etc. – private contractors. We know there are over 100,000 private contractors in Iraq & we all know how much $$$ they make compared to our soldiers.

Chaos will ensue if we pull out!

In 2003, after bush announced “mission accomplished”, we were told we HAD to remain in Iraq to prevent Civil War – a war that has NEVER occurred in Iraq. For 3 ½ years we remained, killing & being killed.

Now we’re being told, we HAVE to remain in Iraq because there is Civil War. And we remain killing and being killed.

Chaos is already happening in Iraq – the ONLY difference we are POSITIVE of, when we pull out, will be U.S. soldiers and contractors lives will NOT be at risk.

How many U.S. deaths, how many deaths of women, children, men in Iraq are you willing to sacrifice?

Democrats: You told us for 4 years your hands were tied because you were not in the majority. When you were in the minority, you chose not to embrace any other democratic rights that you have, as boycott, sit-in, etc., to end this war.

Now you are in the majority – the time for analyzing, setting ‘markers’, continuing this war in any way, is OVER. We want to know, are you going to ensure the will of the people is enacted immediately?