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Work 4 Peace,Hold All Life Sacred,Eliminate Violence! I am on my mobile version of the door-to-door, going town-to-town holding readings/gatherings/discussions of my book "But What Can I Do?" This is my often neglected blog mostly about my travels since 9/11 as I engage in dialogue and actions. It is steaming with my opinions, insights, analyses toward that end of holding all life sacred, dismantling the empire and eliminating violence while creating the society we want ALL to thrive in

Sunday, February 03, 2008

We will prevail

Isn’t it interesting how the people opposing peace activists call us murderers, terrorists, killers and the like – and how they wish an ied would go off in my living room, a nuclear bomb will be dropped on my city, someone would cut off my head and stick it up my ass.

What is the matter with these humans? What path have they been on to lose so much of their humanity?

How is it human to wish death and destruction to be reigned upon any life, let alone human life?

And talk about guilt and projection. And this whole notion that “we have to kill them before they come over here and kill us”.

WE are the ones who are leaving our borders to kill others. We are the only country in the world that has invaded so many sovereign nations – more than 25 - since the end of WWII, bombed and sent in soldiers, built over 800 bases in most of the countries in this world, dropped the only nuclear weapons of mass destruction ever on our planet.

Can’t these people see WE are the ones the whole world is afraid of? And afraid of actually doing what they only fear someone else will do to us. Where do these people think Montezuma is? Or Tripoli? In Alabama?

These voices, the voices of those people in this country who are willing to KILL other people in order to get what they want, these voices can NOT be allowed to wipe out our gentler, softer, loving voices that refuse to kill and justify killing in order to get the resources we want and need to maintain a country that consumes up to 60% of the world’s resources for 4 % of the world’s people.

We humans who hold all life sacred WILL prevail! There are many, many, many more of us then them. They are only armed with weapons of mass destruction. We are armed with truth, deepest love, incredible strength, eons of womyn's wisdom, and our unfaltering determination to protect all life.

a civil disagreement - from a woman

I do not agree with the Code Pink action in Berkeley . A very close friend of mine has a son who is a Marine. Altho she (and I) worry for him, the Marines and other services need to have the opportunity to recruit for individuals who will protect us. I am in total disagreement with the direction of the current administration, but I respect the young men and women who heed the call of their country.

I hope you share this email with your friend whose son must be in Iraq or threatened with being sent to Iraq.

I respect the young men and women who heed the call of THE PEOPLE their country - almost 80% of whom are saying we should leave Iraq - not the call of the LIES of the current administration that are killing them and Iraqis

For it is the ending of the 5th year of the occupation of Iraq. This year, more U.S. soldiers died than any other year before; we spent more money than any other year to destroy Iraq and bring the country under our control; we bombed 5 times as many bombing missions as any other year; we built over 50 new bases in southern iraq alone; 120 veterans are committing suicide EVERY WEEK; and murder committed by soldiers in our country is up 89% these past 6 years from the previous 6 years.

And you believe the marines are "protecting" US? They are protecting something - and that something is our corporate interest in Iraq. Exxon Mobil announced just a few days ago that this years profits topped last years which topped the year before - which were the largest profits of any corporations every in the history of our country.

I don't have to tell you why we are in Iraq - but maybe you have lost site of why we are in iraq. how can you say you are in total disagreement with the current administration's direction when you are supporting the sacrifice of our youth who are being used to enact that very direction you claim you disagree with?

Our administration could NOT go ANYWHERE without the aid of many parts of our country, including our legislative branch, including our corporations, including our media, including our military, and including our very selves.

I understand and am deeply touched by the idealism and patriotism that motivates many youth to sign up for the marines.

I believe as a mother, grandmother and daughter, I have the deepest responsibility and commitment to ensure that no bazillion dollar sales propaganda machine as the recruiters of the military have easy access to these idealistic youth to turn them into cannon fodder and murders for the very administration that you totally disagree with.

It is not enough for me to simply disagree with what this administration and all the other parts of our country that support this administration whether intentionally or not. I MUST act - and I believe we ALL must act. We need your input and your energy to help strategize and form a resilient response to this administration and to protecting our youth from death and killing.

Do NOT give the marines and other services the opportunity to use and abuse our youth. We are in an illegal, immoral occupation of Iraq and only YOU and I and your best friend are in a position to END it!

Please make sure your friend's son knows about the gi rights hotline. He does not have to stay in the service while he will be ordered to do horrific things that will destroy his very soul. (800) 394-9544 if he's in the states; and 215-563-8778 if he's outside the u.s.

I send him and all U.S. soldiers, as well as all Iraqis and all of our families my hard work, healing energy, and as much protection from death, destruction, and damage to their/our hearts, bodies, souls, minds as I possibly can.

peace, love, real power, zanne

hate goes on... to be continued

I normally choose to respond to hate mail when I discern some hope for dialogue. Unfortunately, most hate mail is so vitriolic and even absurd, I put in on the bottom of the stack of things to get to if I ever have time and energy.

I include some samples of such hate mail - and my responses. I have hope that we who believe in change - as in a paradigm shift from living in a country and world where humans have somehow come to the common acceptance of the destroying of human life and all life to living in a country and world that only treasures and values human life and all life - must keep working for that paradigm shift.

Although I do not devote much time to dealing with the originators of hate, it does help to keep the vision clear and the words more precisely defined when facing such blatant hate.

I am including some of those hateful voices and my responses:

joshua nugent wrote: Peace is something that you will never deserve as long
as you live here in opposition of what gives you the
right to even open your mouth.
Freedom is not free and it is not for you. Support
what gives you this freedom, and we will quit asking
you to move.

I respond:
does this make any sense to you?

i have been given the right to open my mouth - as long as i don't open my mouth? as long as what comes out of my mouth is something YOU approve of?

and then YOU will give ME what i deserve? who the hell are you to decide what i deserve or do not deserve?

you want me to support YOU who will "give" me freedom if i do what you tell me to do?

this is the 21st century boy - get in gear. you have never given me freedom - nor has any white boy like yourself. mlk has 'given' me freedom; the suffragists have 'given' me freedom; mother jones has 'given' me freedom. not the likes of you and yours.

you have only used your superior physical strength and weaponry to justify hurting many, many, many people in order to bully everyone into your line of thinking and living.

what part of my freedom have you ever fought for? under your dictatorship, i am not free to express my opinion, let alone live in a country that you inhabit.

joshua - i come from a long line of freedom fighters and never once have we resorted to silencing anyone to obtain our freedom, let alone killing everyone.

which is the bottom-line difference between you, joshua, and me: you belong to a tribe that is willing to kill human life in order to get what you want - and you have weaved HUGE justifications around that most horrific choice of men, to take human life.

i belong to the tribe that holds all life precious, whether you agree with me or not. i do not ask you to move - i ask you to open your heart, your mind, your soul and if nothing else, challenge your beliefs that killing is justified only when it is done in our (u.s.a.) name.

i am merely working my hardest to stop the killing - ALL killing joshua. peace, zanne

Be a better friend, newshound, and