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Work 4 Peace,Hold All Life Sacred,Eliminate Violence! I am on my mobile version of the door-to-door, going town-to-town holding readings/gatherings/discussions of my book "But What Can I Do?" This is my often neglected blog mostly about my travels since 9/11 as I engage in dialogue and actions. It is steaming with my opinions, insights, analyses toward that end of holding all life sacred, dismantling the empire and eliminating violence while creating the society we want ALL to thrive in

Monday, May 02, 2011

STRIKE May 2011: Day Day 2 eve - to be continued

May 2 eve

We stand on the corner of Georgia and Sonoma Blvd (rt 29), holding our banners and waiting for everyone to catch up. We are joined by a couple other folks.

An old white man pulls over to the curb, jumps out of his truck, holding shaking hands out in front of him, as he shouts "If we make corporations pay taxes, they will leave California". Mishua speaks calmly to him, giving him the real picture of what is happening w/corporations - he ends up shaking her hand, repeating 2/3's of corporations pay no taxes, taking all our hand outs, smiling and rushing back as he calmly got into his truck and drove away.

We march 2.2 miles up Sonoma Blvd to the site of the homeless encampment at the burned down abandoned luxury car dealership... to be continued

STRIKE May 2011: Day Day 2 - to be continued

A reporter has emailed me as asked my opinion on the killing of Osama Bin Laden. I ask “Who?” When I tell the group, someone says “does that mean the wars are over?”

Brad Newsome joins us for breakfast, bringing the last of the stuff from our “Home Base” that we’ll need, including the oatmeal. It is too late for us to cook as we are to be at the corner of Benicia and Solano by 9:30am

There are only about 7 of us, and even though everyone is up by 8am, we still do not manage to make it to our starting point until about 10:20 – twenty minutes later than what we had put out.

Even though many have said they will join the march to Glen Cove, no one is waiting for us, including no media of course, so we unfurl our “TAX the RICH” banner, and “END $$ FOR WAR, TAX BREAKS for the Rich, begin our march close to the overpass of 80.

We stop and banner over the freeway to lots of horn honks – both from the vehicles below, but mostly from those driving over the street between our banners.

We do not encounter any negative responses and soon two young men have joined us. One, Kalib, talks about being unable to find and keep a job. The other, Steve, says he’s former army, 4 years, and recently discharged.

Steve approaches us by accusing CodePINK of not supporting the troops. By the time we finished talking with him, he has grabbed a pole of the END WAR banner and is marching the 3.3 miles with us to Glen Cove!!!

Where is the voice of the deeply saddened?

Hear the voice of the deeply saddened!

 We know there are a nation of people that are deeply distressed by the celebratory reactions of our sisters and brothers, and the media induced display of violent hatred.

Hear our voice. We are horrified by our country’s rejoicing of the taking of life: a country that prides itself on rule of law, and demands due process for all, where people are innocent until proven guilty; where we have an established system of determining guilt – and allegedly that system is not torture, murder, and overt deceptions.

Where is the proof that Osama Bin Laden is guilty of 9/11? If the CIA had that proof, Bin Laden would be in jail and taken into court, not supposedly murdered and allegedly thrown into the ocean, effectively destroying any evidence and silencing any truth that could come to light.

Auspicious timing, isn’t it? The tea party nation, fixated on the birther movement  obsessed with proving Obama was born in Kenya, are the same people celebrating the murder of Bin Laden by a supposed democracy.

Simple-minded people swallow a conspiracy theory of Obama’s birth when 9/11 was the real conspiracy.

Images of young people dancing at the White House, jockeying gleefully for position in front of the cameras, is heartrending testimony to the failure of our educating and informing our youth, protecting them from the propaganda machine and unwittingly their images broadcasted around the world, are the ambassadors of violence and hatred.

These are the same young people, now lied to, deceived, exploited for their deep-felt desire to defend our nation, who were mere youth, before reaching their age of reasoning and cognitive development,  when the tragedy of 9/11 occurred.

Their shameful rejoicing collectively demonstrates our ignorance and inhumanity, which when put on display to the world, is the reason people hate us.

The same young people who are growing up in a society where the jobs have been taken overseas, where there is inadequate health care at best, where education is out of reach, where their parents can’t retire, their grandparents can’t afford medicine, where they can’t even get in touch with the fear that they might become the homeless person who has no food, no dental care.

We live in a morally bankrupt society that lacks an understanding of history and appears incapable of anticipating the consequences of this continuing violence and hatred.

We should be in a state of anguish over the amount of human life that has been destroyed, and grieving over the amount of resources we have thrown at this fake, unreal, trumped up projection of our pathology.

We have allowed an illusionary symbol of all evil to galvanize our focus on him instead of the evil we have done to our own people and the people of the world.

It is against the law to murder people in other countries, especially those tried and convicted in the court of Karl Rove’s mind.

We are calling on people of compassion, the peace and justice loving people of our nation, to go to their state capitols Monday, May 9th,  to weep for our people who are so amoral, so misguided, so lacking compassion.

If you’re in a country where this assassination is celebrated, you are not rich. You are not rich if you live in a country where schools do not have paper. You are not rich if you live in a country where the developmentally disabled are thrown into the streets. You are not rich if you live in a country that incarcerates more of it citizens than any other country in the world.

What are we really number one in? Number of guns, number of gun deaths, number of incarcerated, obesity, number of infant mortality among ‘developed’ nations, number of weapons sold around the world, number of money spent on wars.

Who amongst thinks that we are safer now? We have merely perpetuated violence and hatred.

STRIKE May 2011: Day Day 2 Glen Cove - to be continued

We are greeted along the road by a couple of other marchers. When we arrive at Glen Cove, we find out that Wounded Knee, Corrina, and the others have been waiting for us to arrive since last night. We are devastated we have misunderstood so much.

The moratorium on camping has been lifted, as the parks department has failed to sign the agreement.

We STRIKE MARCHERS have gone to Glen Cove to support the Indigenous Community occupying sacred land, and working hard to prevent the desecration of this ancient Shell Mound and the proposed "development".

The parks department wants to shave off park of the land so that the condo owners have a "better view" of the water, as well as asphalting a parking lot and building toilets.

We have stopped here to support these sacred spiritual people and their fight - and what really happened is that they ended up supporting us!

We were so warmly welcomed and cared for, fed and honored. We were invited to participate in a healing and strengthening ceremony where we were given a peace pipe ritual.

We were fortified in our work and missions, protected and strengthened. And we were asked to take the message of the people of this land to Sacramento and wider.