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Sunday, July 14, 2013

But what does this mean to white people?

I hear and see everyone posting about the immense tragedy of injustice perpetrated against Black people in this country yesterday with the acquittal of the racist who murdered a 17 year old.

As it should be.Tragedy, injustice, so deeply onerous let alone terrifying - doesn't begin to cover it.

But I do not hear also about what a tragedy of injustice this is for white people. Or is it? What does this verdict mean for white people?

Did I hear a collective snivel of relief as white people's rights to continue to murder Black people without punishment prevailed once again? Followed swiftly by a tilt of the curious blond head, musing how will Black people respond: maybe riot, maybe weep?

In fact, are white people far more concerned about Black people 'rioting' then they are about the zimmermans of this country (especially those zimmermans with badges & billy clubs) killing and killing and killing.

The Sanford sheriff - taking MONTHS to arrest zimmerman - has already promised swift retribution should Black people respond in a way he deems angry or aggressive or inappropriate; the city of Oakland has already called for militaristic 'back-up'.

Maybe once again we get to put more Black people in jail should they be contemplating acting so 'violently'?
But surely, as the perpetrator in this case wasn't all white, as the prosecution agreed this trial is not about race, maybe white people think Black people will not take to the streets, and our unjust, racist life will continue without any blips.

What does this mean to white people? White people get another dose of unrelenting racism, get to feel so powerful, get to justify once again that heinous act that supposedly only the majority's god is entitled to do - take life -, white rights so protected by every institution in this land - as the 'forefathers' intended - so validated.

Not just validated white fears of violent Black children, but also white beliefs and reality/unreality of superiority, justice white u.s. of a style.

And the safety guaranteed their white children.

And the lack of penalty for their white children.

And for those white people who have bought into believing we have justice in this land - and who happen to see this injustice -, what do they tell their children?

How do they explain their taking advantage of white privilege enables them to live, attend school, buy anything & walk anywhere, work where they do without the reality of being killed?

And how do they ensure their white sons do not grow up thinking they can kill - and get away with murder - another mother's son because his skin is darker, his hair is black and nappier?

And what is the appropriate response for such a grievous and egregious verdict? And once again, who gets to determine what is appropriate and what is arrestable?

In our nation, the automatic militarized response of more police with more riot gear with more boy toys is always a guaranteed response to people standing up for their inalienable rights.

This is domestic terrorism: when you arm certain people and move them against unarmed people; when the public becomes the "enemy combatant"; when the city fathers care more about smashed windows then murdered teenagers.

But I really want to know, what does this mean to white people?

Fuckin media

Not trusting the bleary headlines, I had to slip my neighbor's paper out of its plastic sleeve this morning, careful not to leave fingerprints or un-original creases she might detect, to affirm what my unbelieving eyes had just viewed:

NO HEADLINES above the fold about the massive injustice that just happened in Florida; NO HEADLINES below the fold either!

Merely a little box, at the very bottom of the front page, along with several other little boxes the same size referring the reader to another page inside the paper.

I just rechecked on-line - after all, it was foggy, grey, cold this morning and my eyes aren't what they used to be. Maybe I made a mistake.

But no, NO HEADLINES even on the on-line version- just those little boxes along the side.

More racism!