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Work 4 Peace,Hold All Life Sacred,Eliminate Violence! I am on my mobile version of the door-to-door, going town-to-town holding readings/gatherings/discussions of my book "But What Can I Do?" This is my often neglected blog mostly about my travels since 9/11 as I engage in dialogue and actions. It is steaming with my opinions, insights, analyses toward that end of holding all life sacred, dismantling the empire and eliminating violence while creating the society we want ALL to thrive in

Friday, October 21, 2016

Religious shit...

So all through the southwest and into Georgia, the large billboards laden with religious shit are full of messages about god but now that I'm in South & North Carolina the religious shit is about jesus - not me, the male jesus.

Big jesus signs, jesus saves, and christ died for you - lots of crosses, although I saw plenty crosses in the southwest too, but jesus christ is prevalent here...

Red scare

The only parking place left at the South Carolina rest stop is next to a new silver-blue van sporting a 'rump bumper sticker with no one behind the wheel.

But by the time I jump out and walk around my truck to the side I share with the van, an older white man with a worried look on his face is determinedly ignoring me and making a bee-line for his driver's door.

I stop him, asking if, after the last debate, he's still intending to vote for 'rump. He tells me if I believe everything I hear, I'm stupid or crazy and that I shouldn't believe everything the media is saying about 'rump. I ask him what he thought of 'rump's words in the debate.

He doesn't answer & so I tell him it is not the media I am listening to but it is the words of 'rump himself.

He pales and puffs a little, then asks me if I know about Bill Clinton and the terrible things he has done. I kinda say Bill who, is he running for president???

I ask him if he thinks I should look into what all of the wives or the 5 babies' mamas of the candidate running for prez on the other team.

I think I lost him with that one, as he starts rambling on about communists and I should be so grateful to live here where I get to vote and not in a communist country. He even tells me to go back to a communist country as long as I don't like it here.

I try to get him to stay, to wait, before charging head-on into his van, imploring him as neutrally as I can, to talk with me about communism - and the communist country I'd LOVE to return to.

But he's just wrapped our conversation in the red (from anger and not embarrassment I'm pretty sure) he pulls a wheelie trying to hasten his exit from this communist provocateur. HAHAHA

Heading thru South Carolina...

I'm getting more responses to my truck today than I've gotten the whole time I've been on the road! I'm getting several in a row positive honks and enthusiastic yeahs!

In between these cars was another car with two white males, the passenger leaning far out the window, gesturing angrily to the back of my truck & then giving me the finger, pointing to the back of my truck again, giving me the finger as if I'm not clear why he's giving me the finger.

Some people are giving me dirty looks, some have pained smiles looking at me condescendingly.

Several big truckers have positively responded and another white pickup truck with a white male driver exiting the freeway gave me the finger out the window as he raced haphazardly down the ramp. I flashed him two peace symbols, taking my hands off the wheel for a second - I'm on a strate road, it is his truck going round a curve... - and the driver next to me on my right grins broadly and flashes the peace symbol back at me, probably assuming I'm giving him the peace symbol.

I'm being forced to spend more time in this part of the south because of the veggie oil challenges but also because I left my fucking computer at my daughter's house, along with a donated down comforter...grrrrrr

Mama says NO TRUMP!!!

So the minute I cross the border into North Carolina, I see a 'rump sign and unfortunately it's a HUGE 'rump sign, the one I hear people pay $300 for.

But now I see bright yellow yard signs spread out over about a mile that say "Mama says NO TRUMP"!!!

Entering North Carolina

My first overtly enthusiastic YEAH in North Carolina! A carfull of students, it looks like from their age and the UNC sticker on the back of the window, a racially and sex mixed group of youth! Jumping up and down sooooo excitedly the car is bouncing, giving me the thumbs up and a couple of fists in the air!

And three more yeahs in a row.

Another white driver glares at me, I think he was going to give me the finger but his wife, I assume in the passenger's seat, leans over and socks him in the arm.

Hillary it is!

No one on this 6 lane very busy lighted highway thru rural South Carolina - I mean lots of traffic lights, lots of cars, lots of strip malls and businesses, lots of evidence of a larger population, seems overly concerned that I'm spreading the truth about 'rump. No one has given me the finger, or threatened to run me off the road.

Nor have they been ecstatic either. I'm deep in the heart of South Carolina heading toward Asheville, which is supposedly an oasis of liberalism in the middle of the south.

I've seen more Bernie and more Obama bumper stickers in Atlanta and traveling thru the rest of Georgia and South Carolina than 'rump or Hillary ones but now I'm seeing several Hillary bumper stickers as I head towards North Carolina.

I peer down neatly trimmed lawns into neighborhoods with spacious yards looking for 'rump yard signs or Hillary or Jill Stein signs and see none. I don't even see any local election signs around here.

Even as the road gets more residential than commercial, I still don't see any signs at all indicating we're about to have a national or even local election. Interesting